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Difference analysis about LED soft screen and LED display screen performance

The LED soft screen is composed of LED dot matrix. Texts, pictures, animations and videos are displayed through the flashing of red, green and blue light bulbs. The contents can be replaced at any time. Each component is a modular display device. The clever structural design makes it possible to achieve horizontal and vertical bending deformation installation, even if it is a complex installation requirement, it can be perfectly realized; it is usually composed of a display module, a control system and a power supply system. Its characteristics are as follows:

Can adapt to complex installation environment: It can be installed with horizontal and vertical bending deformation, even if the complex installation environment can present a perfect picture;

Easy maintenance: Using the original LED embedded bar structure, only 3 nuts can be replaced to replace a single light bar, and the use of the site can achieve rapid maintenance;

High protection level, no fear of bad rain weather: Tested by a third-party professional organization: M series soft screen protection grade up to IP65, no fear of harsh rain weather, can rest assured to use in outdoor environment;

Light (12 kg/m2): Weight is only 12 kg/m2, one person can easily install and move products, saving you time and cost of product installation;

Through: The pixel strip structure design, the product penetration rate of up to 60%, very low wind resistance, the highest level of resistance to 12 wind, you can rest assured that the use of the product in the windy weather;

Thin: With a thickness of only 11mm, it occupies less space, saves you space on the stage and transportation space, and brings great convenience to your use and transportation.

Professional level connector, quick plug, safe and reliable: The connector adopts professional aviation plug, safe and reliable, with high protection level no less than IP65, can be quickly disassembled;

High-quality power supply, stable and reliable: use high quality power supply to further ensure long-term stable operation of the product.

Ordinary LED Display features:

1. High brightness: The brightness of Outdoor LED Display is more than 8000mcd/m2, which is the only large display terminal that can be used outdoors in all weather conditions; the brightness of indoor LED display is greater than 2000md/m2;

2, long life: LED life of up to 100,000 hours (ten years) or more, this parameter generally refers to the design life, brightness is dark;

3. Large viewing angle: The indoor viewing angle can be greater than 160 degrees, and the outdoor viewing angle can be greater than 120 degrees. The size of the viewing angle depends on the shape of the LED light emitting diode;

4, the led screen area can be large or small, as small as less than a square meter, as large as several hundred, thousands of square meters;

5, easy to interface with computers, support software rich;

6. Comparison of common large led display terminals.

Through these characteristics analysis, we may conclude that LED soft screen screen has more advantages than ordinary LED screens: light, thin, transparent, easy to install and maintain, flexible, and more energy-saving. In the future, with the advancement of LED display technology, more, better and more energy-efficient LED displays will emerge.

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